Bowling is BACK!

Bowling is back but only if we follow the rules. After taking the time to carefully review all the guidelines from the State of NJ there will be some new rules and safety measures put in place.

We will have a grand “Re-opening” on Monday July 6th! Our new hours will be Monday- Sunday 10:00am- 8:00pm.

We will reevaluate after being opened for a couple weeks of running and possibly change our hours.


-All employees are required to wear a face mask and gloves. Temperature checks will also be required by our staff before clocking in and halfway through their shift. Temperatures will be logged. If an employee has an evaluated temperature, they are to stay home for a minimal of 7 days. We have directed any employees if they are feeling ill to please stay home. If any employee starts to feel ill during a shift they have also been directed to go home. Staff members are required to wash their hands frequently throughout their shift.

-Masks MUST always be worn by customers and staff. Face masks are not required if a child I under the age of 2. Customers are also excused if they are medically cleared not to wear a mask, proof must be shown.

-A divider has been installed at all the counters.

-As of June 29th, NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES are permitted to be sold. VENDING MACHINES are also not permitted.

-We will only be allowed to have 25% of the building’s capacity. Thus, meaning only 50 customers will be allowed to be in the building at one time (excluding staff members). We ask that most people entering the building are there to bowl. Try not to bring “spectators” unless you are a parent or guardian of children wanting to bowl. We also ask that customers come and bowl and leave and don’t spectate. Once the building capacity is raised that of course will be changed.

-We will only be using 1 lane per pair allowing the mandated 6 feet social distancing. We ask that you stay at the table of the lane you are assigned to. The floor will be marked so a visual is available for social distancing. We will allow groups that come in together but must be put on separate lanes communicate with each other only if they are right next together. For example, if a lane comes in together, they may only talk together if they are on lanes 1 and 3 but not if they are lanes 1 and 5.

-Reservations are not required but recommended. Although we do recommend reservations to keep crowing of the counter. If lanes are not available, we ask that you wait outside for the next available lane. If making a reservation for a lane or group, we MUST take them over the phone and not in person.

-If reservations were made, we ask that one member come in, we will assign your lane so other members with your group go directly to the lane.

-A staff member will also help you find the correct bowling ball to fit you. We ask that you not try finding a ball on your own. Balls will be organized on bowling racks by size. This will allow customers and staff to be able to find the correct back easier. If you’re looking for a contactless visit, make reservations beforehand and staff members will be able to have shoes and bowling balls ready for your visit.

-After bowling we ask that customers leave any balls and shoes on their lane.  A staff member will properly sanitize all equipment used along with the keypads, tables, and chairs. Bowling balls will be cleaned with a formula designed by Kegel called “MICRO STRIKER”. All bowling balls with be cleaned on the outside along with every finger hole. Every surface (tables, chairs, returns, keypads; etc.) will be sprayed with disinfectant supplied by Cintas. Surfaces will be sprayed and have a 5-minute period of sanitation before wiped down completely. We ask that one member notify the desk when their games are completed.

-The arcade is open, but we ask that 6 feet social distancing be followed. We will have marks on the floor to allow guests to visual the social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be located outside the arcade entrance and we ask that customers use it upon their usage of the arcade room. The arcade room will also be sanitized twice every hour and logged.

-Bathrooms will also be cleaned twice every hour. Cleanings will be logged. For example, bathrooms will be cleaned completely. Doorknobs, counters, toilets, and so on.

-Hand sanitizer stations will be provided; we ask that every customer sanitize their hands when entering the building and throughout their visit.


We are beyond excited to welcome all our loyal customers back and hope to see some new faces (masked faces). Please keep in mind that Covid-19 is highly contagious, and you are always at risk no matter of any precautions taken throughout the business. Our goal is to provide not only our customers a safe environment but also our staff members. As the State of NJ releases new guidelines, we will do our best to adapt to the new changes. Please, remember as a community we must follow the guidelines in order to move on to a new normalcy. We appreciate everyone understanding and following the new safety measures being put into place.  As a small family owned business, we need your support and understanding more than ever to get through this. We will update and plan accordingly as the time goes on.





-Wood Lanes Bowling Center 




1173 Rt. 40., Pilesgrove, NJ 08098    856-769-8709



Broccoli Bites (8) served with ranch $5.49
Cheese planks (6 served with marinara sauce $6.09
Deep Fried Mini Tacos (12) served with a side of salsa $5.99
Fried Green Beans served with a side of house sauce $4.89
Fried Pickle Chips served with a side of house sauce $5.99
Chicken Tenders served with your choice of sauce $7.89 *ADD A SIDE*
Chicken Nuggets served with your choice of sauce $4.49 *ADD A SIDE*
Zesty Popcorn Shrimp tossed in a zesty orange suace $7.99
Boneless Chicken Bites tossed in honey garlic sauce, garlic parmesan, Korean BBQ, Buffalo, Orange Zesty, or Teriyaki
Served with a side of ranch or blue cheese
8- $7.79
16- $13.39
24- $20.99
Chicken Wings tossed in honey garlic sauce, garlic parmesan, Korean BBQ, Buffalo, Orange Zesty, or Teriyaki
Served with a side of ranch or blue cheese
8- $9.99
16- $18.49
24- $26.49
Pretzel Bites served with melted cheese $3.39
Soft Pretzel served with mustard $1.79
Onion Rings served with a side of house sauce $5.99
Nachos served with salsa and melted cheese $4.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip served with a side of salsa $7.49
Funnel Cake Fries powdered with sugar $5.59

Potato Alley
Small $2.79
Large $4.69
Large Old Bay served with melted cheese $5.29
Mega Fries drizzled with melted cheese and mozzarella cheese topped with bacon bits $8.39
Curly Fries $4.39
Tater Tots $5.29
Loaded Tater Tots drizzled with melted cheese and topped with bacon bits served with sour cream $7.49

8 slices
Plain $12.09
Pepperoni $14.09
Sausage $14.09
Meat Lover- sausage bits, pepperoni, and bacon bits $17.79
Buffalo Chicken $15.99
White and tomato $14.99

All platters are served with a side of chips
Add Fries- $1.50   Add Curly Fries- $2.00 Add Waffle Fries- $2.00 Add onion rings- 2.50
Hamburger $4.99
Cheeseburger $5.49
Double Cheeseburger $6.49
Bacon Cheeseburger $7.49
Western Burger topped with bacon, onion rings and drizzled with BBQ sauce $8.39
Pizza Burger topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese $8.09
Graveyard topped with grilled bacon and fried onions drizzled with honey garlic sauce $8.49
Bacon Blue topped with grilled bacon and drizzled with blue cheese dressing $8.49
Grilled Chicken Deluxe topped with grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo $7.99
Chicken cheesesteak $7.89
Cheese steak $7.89
Philly cheesesteak served with grilled onions and peppers topped with cheese wiz $8.49
Buffalo Chicken cheesesteak $8.09
Pizza steak $8.39
Grilled cheese $3.89
Grilled cheese with bacon and tomato $5.89
Hot dog $2.79
Cheese quesadilla served with a side of salsa and sour cream $6.09
Chicken quesadilla served with a side of salsa and sour cream $7.49
Chicken Caesar wrap served with lettuce, parmesan cheese, and tossed in Caesar dressing $7.99
Buffalo chicken wrap served with lettuce and tomato $7.49
Honey Mustard Chicken Tender wrap served lettuce and tomato $6.92
BLT served with mayo $4.68